For registering to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions includes the following steps:

Step 1: Select the Exhibition suitable for business's sector.

Please refer to the Exhibitions & Trade Fairs menu on the website, each exhibition has general information and exhibit profile. Click on the name of the exhibition to see more details.

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The selection of a standard booth or booth construction depend on purpose of each business. Commonly, small and medium-sized businesses, who are attending the exhibition for the first time, will choose a standard booth; Corporations and large companies with brands will choose a construction booth, it make the different from surrounding booths, attract customers and the media. However, some foreign companies prefer standard booth than construction, it's suitable for the purpose of market research, Looking for partners, and selling products right at the show.

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Transport of exhibits:

The Organiser note all exhibitors read the instructions on exhibit’s transportation provided by Official Freight Forwarder appointed by Organiser. Failure to follow the rules and regulation on transport of exhibits can cause delay and unnecessary risks in the delivery, delay and expenses .

Exhibits will be “temporary import for re-export”. The handling of this shipment must be managed by the forwarders which have Organiser’s permits. Failure through Organiser to provide the license for exhibits would cause risk to Exhibitors.

Please kindly to contact Exhibition Official Freight Forwarder to receive full instructions on shipping details and price list.

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