The selection of a standard booth or booth construction depend on purpose of each business. Commonly, small and medium-sized businesses, who are attending the exhibition for the first time, will choose a standard booth; Corporations and large companies with brands will choose a construction booth, it make the different from surrounding booths, attract customers and the media. However, some foreign companies prefer standard booth than construction, it's suitable for the purpose of market research, Looking for partners, and selling products right at the show.


Gian hàng tiêu chuẩn tại Hội chợ và triển lãm

For most trade shows in Vietnam, the standard booth is 3m x 3m x 2.5m. Prepared by the Organizing Committee, including:

  • Name board: 30cm tall, inside space 22cm tall
  • Partitions: 2.5m tall,  neo-white and made of vinyl-coated wood panels 3mm thick  with aluminum frames.
  • Floor: carpeted (3m x 3m).
  • Information counter and 2 chairs.
  • Fluorescent lights
  • 01 single phase socket  05A/220V
  • 01 waste paper basket.

If need to a larger area, businesses can regist many adjacent standard booths, and request the Organizing Committee to support removing partitions according to your needs. In addition to the equipment provided as standard, Exhibitors can rent additional equipment at the exhibition.


Vị trí gian góc

A booth located at the intersection of two main aisles, Which is the location where the traffic of visitors is  higher than other locations. For some exhibitions, the Organizing Committee will charge a small additional fee for the booth located at this location.


According to the Organizing Committee's regulation, the booth construction needs to have a minimum area of ​​18m2. Proportional to the size of the standard booth. For example: 6m x 3m; 9m x 3m, 6m x 6m; 9m x 9m...

Booth construction can be designed and staged directly by the Organizing Committee at your request, or you can work with other contractor. However, the management of the exhibition building will charge an installation fee and a construction card before you can carry out your installation. Booth Construction designs must be consistent with the general space of the exhibition, the booth design should be sent to the Exhibition Organizing Committee.

Gian hàng đặc biệt tại Hội chợ và Triển lãm thương mại

Businesses need to design and set up booth construction, please contact Hotline: 0989.415.868 for advice and support.


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