Most exhibitions is free to attend for visiting. However, you need to register to receive the admission card at the exhibition. Your information is used for the purpose of surveying the need to visit and to receive notifications, invitations for similar exhibition events. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.


You can choose one among the following registration forms to visit:

  • Online Registration: Each exhibition will have a separate online registration form, your information will be transferred to the Organizing Committee. You will receive a confirmation letter which may include a attend code or not for each exhibition. Please save the confirmation letter to quickly receive a exhibition card at the counter for pre-registered guests.
  • Regist On-site: In Exhibition has an information counter at entryway, organizers have prepared information sheets and pens for you. In order not to waste time filling in basic information, please attach a business card on the form, and fully fill in the content of the survey questions. Afterwards, please bring the information form to the registration counter to receive the admission card.
  • Regist On-site by Smart Phone: For some exhibitions, the Organizing Committee will assist you to regist by Smart Phone, you use a smartphone with an internet connection to scan nearby QR codes , and then fill in the form. With this method, you will reduce the queue time for card printing.
  • For visitors as Groups: please call the Organizing Committee to prepare in advance the visiting card, and transportation for each exhibition.


  • Most exhibitions are only for sectoral visitors, just allow public access on the last day of the exhibition.
  • Visitors to the exhibition need to wear appropriate and polite attire, do not wear slippers, flip-flops, open-toed sandals (for male guests), do not wear shorts, leggings higher than the knee, tank top, three holes shirt...
  • Persons under 16 years old will not be allowed to enter the exhibition.
  • Pets are not allowed in the exhibition, except for performance purposes and approved by the Organizing Committee.
  • For security reasons, the organizers reserve the right to refuse unreasonable visitors without explanation.


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