Transport of exhibits:

The Organiser note all exhibitors read the instructions on exhibit’s transportation provided by Official Freight Forwarder appointed by Organiser. Failure to follow the rules and regulation on transport of exhibits can cause delay and unnecessary risks in the delivery, delay and expenses .

Exhibits will be “temporary import for re-export”. The handling of this shipment must be managed by the forwarders which have Organiser’s permits. Failure through Organiser to provide the license for exhibits would cause risk to Exhibitors.

Please kindly to contact Exhibition Official Freight Forwarder to receive full instructions on shipping details and price list.

Exhibits Move-In

Cargo should NOT arrive at the exhibition hall at the first day of the build-up period

Exhibitors, agents or contractors should hold the responsibility to contact with the Organizer in advance for arrangement of installation of their heavy or large exhibits before stand structures are erected.

Official freight forwarders must be appointed for mechanical handling within the exhibition halls. Forklifts, cranes and pallet trucks from exhibitors and other forwarders will not be permitted into the exhibition halls.

Exhibits arriving on site without a pre-appointed official freight forwarder will be handed over and preserved by exhibitors. The Organizer is not responsible for preserving exhibits during build-up period.

During the Opening time of Exhibition, exhibitors are not allowed to move-in and dismantle exhibits since it may effect the common space of the Exhibition.

Rules about Move-In and Display

  • Exhibits must satisfy the requirements and standards of the Law on Quality of goods, Advertising Law, Law on Publication and Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam.
  • Exhibitors undertakes not to display exhibits which is banned to import/export, to display at the exhibition according to the Law of Vietnam.
  • Exhibitors have the right to choose another freight forwarder. However, exhibitors are solely responsible for risks relating shipping procedurs. In this case, The Orgniser shall providing support and help as the Exhibition Organiser.
  • After closing time, exhibitors shall move out goods and materials and return space to the Organizer before 12:00 on the next day (depend on Organisers request).
  • Exhibitors should get the Organizer’s confirmation in the case of moving out exhibits before 15:00 (depend on Organisers).
  • For exhibits of Vietnam companies, including joint-ventures and foreign offices in Vietnam (not undergone customs formalities), then exhibit list and confirmation of the Organizer are required to move exhibits in and out.
  • Small valuable exhibits should be locked during closing time.
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